New Dynaudio Nearfield Monitors and Precision Subwoofers

Dynaudio Professional welcomes you to the next step in studio monitoring. The Dynaudio tradition continues with the Dynaudio Professional BM mkIII series near-fields and the BMS II series precision subwoofers, all made by hand in Denmark using only the finest materials and hand-crafted drivers. This results in incredible consistency across the entire line of products that perform well above their class.

The BM Compact mkIII features ultimate performance in a small, premium nearfield monitor. The combination of pristine audio, wide frequency response and high SPL sets it apart from all others in its category. BM5 mkIII takes the tremendously successful BM5A MKII to the next level, offering a broader frequency response and higher SPL. Both products are compatible with the Dynaudio Professional Volume Box for precision level control and feature both RCA and XLR inputs.

The BM6 mkIII and BM12 mkIII offer distinctive Dynaudio Professional objectivity and accuracy along with Dynaudio’s proven waveguide technology. This ensures less acoustical reflections and a more accurate sweet spot for the listener.

To help make the listening experience even more extraordinary, Dynaudio Professional has chosen to work with IsoAcoustics. Each BM mkIII monitor is bundled with a dual branded IsoAcoustics stand that allows each monitor to “float” in free space, letting you hear an authentic and uncolored sound. These stands achieve this by eliminating energy transfer to surrounding surfaces - bass becomes tighter, overall imaging is enhanced and the monitors perform to their full potential. The strategic partnership between Dynaudio Professional and IsoAcoustics gives you a complete monitoring solution of superior quality.

Completing this next step in Dynaudio Professional’s history are the BM9S II and BM14S II precision subwoofers. Closed cabinet design and flexible configuration options support the requirements of small and larger rooms alike and are a perfect compliment to the new BM mkIII series.