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KEYMUSIC also has a music store in the East-Flanders city of Gent, birthplace of the Flemish pop, jazz and rock scene. Since 2007 active musicians have been able to come here with all their questions and all their musical requirements. The driving force behind the music store in Gent is a strong team of motivated people, with a great deal of know-how and passion for music.

Kasteellaan 1-3
9000 Ghent, Belgium
T. +32 (0)9 223 99 34

Monday - Saturday
10 AM - 6 PM

Sunday closed



Location of the store
KEYMUSIC Gent is centrally situated, at the corner of the Ferdinand Lousbergkaai and the Kasteellaan, close by the historic centre of Gent. The shopping centre Gent Zuid, the public library and the Capitole Gent Theatre are all within walking distance. The music store is extremely easy to get to from the E17/E40 motorways and Gent-Dampoort station.

Musicians in Gent and surrounding area could not imagine being without our store. Whether they are looking for a guitar, piano, DJ-gear, mixer or drums, in our music room everything is available for trying out. Customers receive professional assistance with their questions, by our six-man Sales Team who have extensive product knowledge and are passionate about the business and music. KEYMUSIC Gent, the place to be!

From Gent-Dampoort station you can walk to the store; with your back to the station, walk straight ahead until you see the start of the Kasteellaan. Follow the street for 800 m and you will find the store on your right. If you want to come by bus from Gent-Dampoort , take line 18 towards Merendree and step off at the Lousbergsbrug bus stop.

If you are coming via the E17, take the Gentbrugge exit and keep following the Brusselsesteenweg over the Keizerviaduct, then turn right. Follow the Visserij until you reach the junction with the Kasteellaan. If you are taking the E40, join the E17 at the level of the  Zwijnaarde exit, and then take the exit  Gentbrugge.

Music in Gent
KEYMUSIC Gent works on a regular basis together with conservatoires and music schools from the area, sponsors photo reporting for a variety of newspapers and hires out equipment for festivals and production houses.

Many well-known Flemish bands and artists have their roots in Gent; most of them are also members of our customer list: Sioen, Geoffrey Burton, Daan, Isolde Lasoen, The Van Jets, School is Cool, The Subs, Balthazar, Stephane Misseghers (Deus), Tomas de Soete, Gangthelabel, Gabriel Rios, Jef Neve, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Das Pop and many more.

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