Music Store Deventer - City Store

Keymusic Deventer is the music shop for the Deventer region, here you'll find 2 floors of musical enjoyment for musicians, producers and DJs.

Like in all our store, it's all about experience and passion for music. Everybody is welcome to try out instruments and of course our specialists are ready with advice for every musician, from beginner to professional.

In short, a meeting place for the music scene from the wide area of Deventer.

Kamperstraat 12
7418 CB Deventer
Tel. +31 (0)570-607 070

Opening Hours:

Mon: 12PM - 6 PM
Tue: 10AM - 6 PM
Wed: 10AM - 6 PM
Thu: 10 AM - 8 PM
Fri: 10AM - 6 PM
Sat: 10AM - 6 PM