Music Stores Belgium & Holland

You surely want to feel, hear and try your new music gear before you make a purchase! Comparing products happens best in our stores. We share your love for music and passion for making music. Come and experience the fun of making music at KEYMUSIC.

Discover our music stores in Belgium and The Netherlands and be inspired. Our specialists look forward to seeing you and will be pleased to help you further in your musical adventures. In our shops you will always find a fresh and up-to-date collection of musical instruments and sound equipment at the best prices.

Keymusic is premium dealer of all global brands. Thanks to our Click & Collect service you can collect your online order in all our stores, whenever it suits you. Would you rather first try a product before you buy it? Then use our online Try Before You Buy service.


Each music store is unique. We offer three store concepts, based on the size of the store. Larger stores offer a broad assortment of musical instruments and sound equipment. The smaller stores have a balanced selection of the most popular products and brands. You know exactly what you can expect when you visit one of our music stores.

Experience Stores - gigantic music stores with an extremely large collection.
City Stores - easily accessible city stores with local accents in assortment.
Express Stores - compact stores with a balanced selection of popular products.

Choose your destination in The Netherlands

Muziekwinkel AmsterdamAmsterdam - Express Store
Heerlen - City Store
Muziekwinkel Den HaagDen Haag - Express Store
Muziekwinkel EindhovenEindhoven - Experience Store
Muziekwinkel LeeuwardenLeeuwarden - City Store
Rotterdam - Experience Store
Muziekwinkel UtrechtUtrecht - City Store
Muziekwinkel GroningenGroningen - City Store
DeventerDeventer - City Store

Choose your destination in Belgium

Muziekwinkel AntwerpenAntwerpen - City Store
Muziekwinkel BruggeBrugge - Express Store
Muziekwinkel BrusselBrussel - City Store
Muziekwinkel GentGent - City Store
Muziekwinkel HerentalsHerentals - City Store
Muziekwinkel LeuvenLeuven - Express Store
Muziekwinkel LuikLuik - City Store
Muziekwinkel MechelenMechelen - City Store
Muziekwinkel RoeselareRoeselare - City Store
Muziekwinkel Sint-NiklaasSint-Niklaas - Experience Store

Choose your destination in France

Valenciennes - City Store