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We have a vast range of microphones for various applications. You can come to us for studio microphones, broadcast microphones, USB microphones, instrument microphones, wireless microphones and much more. From good low priced microphones too high-end world-class microphones. For every application you will find the best microphone here from makers such as Rode, MXL, Shure, Sennheiser, Neumann, AKG, Beyerdynamic and SE Electronics.

3 microphone categories

From a technical point of view there are three most common types of microphones. We distinguish dynamic microphones, condenser microphones and band microphones, otherwise known as ribbon microphones. We have divided our selection into studio microphones, microphones for live use and wireless microphones.

Studio microphones are in most cases condenser microphones, which are very sensitive and can make very detailed recordings. Microphones for live use are mostly dynamic microphones. These are less sensitive to surrounding sounds and are therefore more suitable for use on stage. There are however a lot of dynamic microphones which are also perfectly suitable for recording.

Dynamic microphone

The movement of a stiff membrane is transferred to a tape within a magnet, where it develops a charge.

Condenser microphone

A tightly stretched membrane very close to the rear plate forms a capacitor. Voltage is created here by high resistance. The vibration of the membrane causes changes to the voltage, because the charge stays the same but the capacity changes. The pre-tension is mostly delivered via the cable, by means of phantom supply.

Band microphone

These microphones are also called ribbon microphones. A strip of metal foil (aluminium) within a magnet creates a charge. The membrane is also a spool.

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