Metal Guitars

For guitarists who like strong music styles, we have an exclusive selection of metal guitars. These electric guitars have special properties, making them extremely suitable for heavy guitar work.

Naturally when you think of metal guitars you immediately imagine guitars with extreme body shapes like the Gibson Flying V and Explorer, Jackson King and Rhoads and BC Rich guitars. But a wide range of metal guitars also exists amongst the more traditionally shaped ST-Model and LP-Model guitars. In addition we have a special selection of 7 and 8 stringed guitars.

Metal guitars are electric guitars with extra power under the bonnet. They are specially designed to be able to cope with fast playing techniques and shredding styles. Metal guitars mostly have high gain humbucking pickups, a high-grade fretboard with low action, and modern hardware. These guitars shine out in dynamism, precision and speed .

Discover our selection of metal guitars from manufacturers like Ibanez, ESP, Cort, Gibson, Jackson, Caparison and BC Rich. Below here you will find a selection of the most popular metal guitars. Use the filter option to look through the complete selection of metal guitars.

Exclusive handmade Caparison guitars from Japan and affordable models from Ibanez. Find out what best suits your style of music and your budget.

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