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Zoom APH-1 Accessory Pack

Get an amazing deal on a complete accessory package for your Zoom H1 Handy Recorder! Indoors or out in the field, the Zoom H1 Accessory Package comes with everything you need to dive into serious recording with your Zoom H1. A custom windscreen lets you record outside with confidence. Even if the wind picks up, you'll be able to capture outdoor performances and sound effects in full detail. Concerned about scratching up your H1 when you carry it in your pocket or your purse? Don't worry, the soft protective case included in the H1 Accessory Package will keep your H1 safe from scratches, without adding bulk. A complete accessory package for the Zoom H1 Handy Recorder: 1 x foam windscreen, 1 x AC adapter (USB connector type, USB cable included), 1 x tripod stand, 1 x soft protective pouch, 1 x mic clip adapter.

Zoom APH-1 Accessory Pack

Zoom APH-1 Accessory Pack

Doet wat het zegt en is eigenlijk wel vereist, wanneer je de zoom h1 hebt.

Zoom APH-1 Accessory Pack


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