Zildjian ZBT3 Boxset cymbal set
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Zildjian ZBT3 Boxset

All 3 ZBT box sets open the door for new drummers to experience the Zildjian sound. With sound grooves on the top surface of ZBT cymbals and round hammer strikes in a simple circular pattern, they magnify the basic sound of distinctive ZBT alloy. Includes ZBT 13" Hihats, sharp and focused with an excellent, bright 'chick' sound; ZBT 18" Crash Ride, providing a cutting ride sound with good crash qualities, and a free 14" ZBT Crash.

Zildjian ZBT3 Boxset

• Traditional Finish
• Bright/Mid Sound

Zildjian ZBT3 Boxset

Zildjian ZBT3 Boxset


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