Zildjian 15 A New Beat Hihats

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Zildjian 15 A New Beat Hihats

The legendary New Beat HiHats are considered the most versatile HiHat cymbals in the world today. The original design was brought to us by the late, great drummer, Louie Bellson who sought a pair of HiHats with a solid beat and a perfect all-purpose combination of stick and "chick" sound. It is symmetrically machine hammered and lathed with a traditional wide groove. The result is an exuberant cymbal that bursts with a classic voice that is pure, bright, and expressive.

Zildjian 15 A New Beat Hihats

• Traditional Finish
• High Pitch
• Solid Chick Sound
• Loud Volume
• Heavy Weight
• Medium Weight

Zildjian 15 A New Beat Hihats

Zildjian 15 A New Beat Hihats


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