Yamaha RSP20CR Revstar Rusty Rat

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Yamaha RSP20CR Revstar Rusty Rat

Drawing inspiration from London and Tokyo’s vintage street-racing motorbikes, Japan’s heritage of engineering excellence, and Yamaha’s 50-year legacy of guitar craftsmanship, every detail of each Revstar model has been carefully engineered to bring out the unique personality of each guitar in the lineup. From the curves and contours of the ground-up body design to the distinctive colours and finishes and custom-wound pickups that perfectly match the guitar’s character, the Revstar collection comprises a diverse lineup as the guitarists who play them.

From the moment we started, Revstar had a different approach. We worked with a leading design agency and a global team of designers, to research and develop every element of the guitar, searching for the perfect balance of uniqueness and familiarity in every curve, component and colour. True design process is used in every aspect of our lives, but guitars aren’t designed this way. Until now.

The flagship RSP20CR model is made in Japan with custom parts and fully embodies the Café Racer concept. Copper pick guards wear over time as the guitar is played naturally creating a unique look for each player. Craftsmen-selected and -calibrated parts and Yamaha's unique Initial Response Acceleration (I.R.A.) technology give it a maturesound and easy playability from the first day.

Inspired by the stylish lines and effortless performance of the Café Racer bikes that colored the streets of 1960s London, the Revstar Professional wholeheartedly embraces the concept of being a stripped down, tuned up high performance package of sublime guitar craftsmanship.

Hand-selected premium parts and materials combined with an ingenuity and know-how that reflects Japan’s detail-oriented engineering ethic, ensure that this guitar is true to the ethos of the Café Racer—function, character, and style to burn.

Included accessories:

  • Guitar Case

Yamaha RSP20CR Revstar Rusty Rat

• Scale Length: 24 3/4" (628.6mm)
• Neck: Mahogany
• Fingerboard: Rosewood
• Radius: 13 3/4" (350mm)
• Construction: Set-in
• Frets: 22, Jumbo
• Body: Maple top, Mahogany
• Tuners: Die-cast
• Bridge: Tonepros AVT-II
• Pickups: VH7+ ; Vintage output humbucker with antique finished cover
• Pickup Switch: 3 position lever
• Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone (Push-Pull, Dry Switch)

Yamaha RSP20CR Revstar Rusty Rat

Yamaha RSP20CR Revstar Rusty Rat


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