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Yamaha MGP24X

Yamaha have added the MGP32X and MGP24X mixing consoles to their highly popular MGP range of affordable analogue consoles. The new models, which will head up the series, are perfectly suited to small to mid-sized venues, touring bands, education and houses of worship. Capitalizing on the success of the MG series consoles, the first MGP consoles, introduced in 2012, have proved highly popular thanks to their compact size, groundbreaking features and advanced technology.

The two new models, the MGP32X and MGP24X respectively offer 24 and 32 channels of hybrid analogue/digital mixing in a small footprint design. The MGP32X offers 24 mic inputs whilst the MGP24X offers 16 mic inputs. Standout features include Yamaha's new D-PRE preamps with inverted Darlington circuitry, and the proprietary X-Pressive EQ, a powerful sound-shaping tool that captures the ultimate in analogue authenticity and reproduces the unique frequency characteristics of sought-after classic EQ modules.

Both models feature 31-band graphic equalisers with selectable 9 flex-band or 14 fixed band options. Further advanced features include a 3-band master compressor assigned to the stereo bus, which facilitates unprecedented and intricate levels of audio control. Combining simple, analogue-style control with sophisticated digital functions, the consoles provide three essential features that are staples of both installed and live sound applications: Priority Ducker, Leveller and Stereo Image. Both models also offer powerful dual digital effects with editable parameters. Two USB ports provide high quality digital recording and playback and smart integration with iPod or iPhone, allowing in-depth editing of effects, EQ and Hybrid channel options via editor apps.

Yamaha MGP24X

Yamaha MGP24X

Yamaha MGP24X


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