Yamaha BBP34MB incl. Koffer

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Yamaha BBP34MB incl. Koffer

Any bass benefits from being "played in," a process in which the instrument matures and opens up as the stresses between the wood and finish, neck and fingerboard, and body and hardware are released, resulting in better sound and playability.

Yamaha’s exclusive Initial Response Acceleration (IRA) technology releases those stresses by applying specific vibrations to the completed instruments as part of the crafting process and gives a "played in" bass from day one.

Yamaha BBP34MB incl. Koffer

• Alder / Maple/ Alder Body Construction
• 6-Bolt Miter Neck Joint
• 5-piece Neck
• YGD Custom V7 Pickups (AlnicoV)
• Vintage Plus Bridge : Convertible Bridge and Saddle
• Lightweight Open Gear Tuners
• I.R.A Treatment

Yamaha BBP34MB incl. Koffer


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