Weehbo JVM Drive overdrive pedal
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Weehbo JVM Drive

The JVM DRIVE is a versatile, very dynamic medium to british high gain distortion. It has the same features as the JCM DRIVE, delivers (much) more gain on demand and is therefore ideally suited for hard rock tones. Use the footswitch OD1/OD2 for two different Distortion types and Distortion intensities. OD1 provides a nice rhythm board, OD2 puts a little more gain, saturation and compression on top of it and is ideal as a lead channel. The active 3-band EQ with additional MID FREQ switch is very efficient and allows optimum adaptation of the device to your own equipment - here are virtually no limits to tone shaping! The MID FREQ switch sets the adjustable frequency range of the MIDDLE-controller so that you can also regulate low-or high-mids optionally.

Weehbo JVM Drive

Weehbo JVM Drive


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