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Weehbo JCM Drive

The JCM Drive is a highly versatile and dynamic low to medium gain overdrive. You can get a wide range of different sounds only by switching between the two gain voicing options JTM/JCM. The gain reaches from softer overdrive sounds to stronger and harder overdrive sounds with fat bass and screaming treble. The two gain voicing options are comparable to the sound of the JTM/JCM amplifiers. With the special 3-band equalizer, it's possible to create a powerful rock sound, even if the amplifier is set to crystal clean - no more compromises between a good clean sound and a kick-ass rock distortion! The toggle switch allows you to chose between different midranges. If your guitar sounds too muddy, just throw the MIDRANGE-switch to cut through the mix!

Weehbo JCM Drive

Supply Voltage: 9V DC
Current Draw: 28mA (51mA @ 18V)
Controls: Input, Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Level
Switches: On/Off (True Bypass), JTM/JCM, Midrange, Dynamic
Jacks: Input, Output, 9V DC
Indicator: LEDs 5mm rot, ultrabright
Dimensions: ca. 120 x 95 x 55 mm
Weight: ca. 360 g
Subject to change without notice.

Weehbo JCM Drive

Weehbo JCM Drive


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