Warm Audio Warm Audio WA73

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Warm Audio Warm Audio WA73

Enthusiasts unequivocally get excited about the components used in classic '73-style British preamps. The signal transformers are a common topic of conversation. Vintage units used various versions of transformers throughout the years, but the most coveted were the earliest versions. These are regarded as the most desirable choice due to their fluid and forgiving nature. They saturate sweetly when pushed, and have been known to make engineers cry when they hear how beautiful their mixes sound through them!

Warm Audio worked closely with Carnhill Transformers of Cambridgeshire, UK, to design faithful reproductions of these most coveted, early version transformers. We at Warm Audio have not yet heard a modern day '73-style preamp sound as sweet and musical as does our WA73 with these beautiful custom Transformers.

Warm Audio Warm Audio WA73

• Single channel, class a, '73-style british microphone preamp
• Uk made carnhill transformers
• Hand wired, hand assembled
• 80db of gain - resistor stepped gain switch
• Fully discrete
• Tone button - changes input transformer impedance for varying tone
• Polarity switch
• 48v phantom power
• 4 position inductor based hipass filter - 50, 80, 160, 300 hz
• Xlr mic input
• Line level trs input
• Ts send/receive insert jacks
• Xlr & trs line level outputs
• Direct in, instrument input
• Output control
• Led level indication
• 19" rackmountable
• Ground lift switch
• Internal iec 115v/230v power inlet

Warm Audio Warm Audio WA73

Warm Audio Warm Audio WA73


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