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Voggenreiter Acoustic Guitar - DUTCH EDITION

A guitar school that keeps all musical worlds open to the student right from the start and does not lead early in just one direction.

A guitar school that provides beginners and students with familiar teaching material with examples from pop music and with carefully selected examples enables access to classical "serious" music.
Song accompaniment, playing melodies, first solo pieces and a simple and understandable introduction to musical notation and music theory. The playing technique taught helps later in every style.
For beginners and advanced!

Voggenreiter Acoustic Guitar - DUTCH EDITION

• Educational book
• Instrument: Guitar
• Level: Beginner to advanced
• Author: Ulrich Turk
• Pages: 184
• Language: Dutch
• ISBN-10: 3802402464
• ISBN-13: 978-3802402463

Voggenreiter Acoustic Guitar - DUTCH EDITION


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