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Ultimate Support VSIQ-200B

The Ultimate Support VSIQ-200B Professional Second Tier for V-Stand® Pro and IQ-3000 Keyboard Stands

Second Tier Pro from Ultimate Support delivers professional features for V-Stand® Pro and IQ-3000 keyboard stand owners who need to have a second instrument within arm’s reach.

Built-in Bubble Level
Highly Adjustable
Set the Height Once and Forget It
Works with V-Stand® Pro and IQ-3000

Ultimate Support VSIQ-200B

Part Name: VSIQ-200B
Part Number: 17909
For Use With: V-Stand Pro, IQ-3000
Height: 8.75” - 18.5” (222mm - 470mm)
Tube Length: 15.25” (387mm)
Weight: 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg)
Holds up to 50 lbs

Ultimate Support VSIQ-200B


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