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Ultimate Support TBR-180 Tribar

Ultimate Support Two 18" Support Arms for Use with the CMP-485 Super Clamp Assembly On the APEX AX-48 Pro Keyboard Stand

TBR-180 Tribar arms are support arms that hook into a CMP-485 Super Clamp (sold separately). When used together, Tribar arms and a Super Clamp form one APEX tier to be used on an APEX AX-48 Pro keyboard stand. Total load capacity is not to exceed 250 lbs. and only two tiers are encouraged. The TBR-180 Tribar arms are 18" in depth and are intended to support deeper, larger keyboards, synths, and workstations. Also available are TBR-130 13" Tribar arms for use with mid- to small-sized keyboard instruments.

Ultimate Supporrt Stand(s) Using this Part:

CMP-485 Super Clamp
AX-48 Plus
AX-48 Pro (black and Silver)
AX-49 Pro Plus

Ultimate Support TBR-180 Tribar

Product Name: TBR-180
Part Number: 16534
Sold In: Pairs (Quantity 2)
Length: 18" (457mm)
Load Capacity (w/CMP-485): 125 lbs. (57 kg)
Weight: 1.25 lbs. (.57 kg)

Ultimate Support TBR-180 Tribar


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