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Ultimate BMB-200K Mounting Bracket

External Speaker Cabinet Mounting Bracket for Mounting Speaker Cabinets on Speaker Stands

What do you do if you have a speaker cabinet that does not have a built-in speaker mount socket, but you'd like to use it on top of a tripod speaker stand? Simply install a BMB-200K to the bottom of the speaker cabinet, and you're set! The BMB-200K is an external mounting bracket for speaker cabinets that do not have built-in speaker mount sockets. It mounts on any flat surface with included installation hardware.

Ultimate BMB-200K Mounting Bracket

• External bracket securely mounts any speaker cabinet with a flat bottom on a (1-1/2") (38 mm) speaker stand tube
• Measures 4" x 6" (102 mm x 152 mm)
• All hardware included for installation
• Glass-reinforced polycarbonate fitting holds 100 lbs. (45.5 kg)

Ultimate BMB-200K Mounting Bracket

Ultimate BMB-200K Mounting Bracket


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