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Ultimate Acoustics UA-KIT-SB3

Every studio, small and large alike, deserves to have professional acoustic treatment! Studio Bundle III from Ultimate Acoustics provides ample coverage for small spaces. We've included 12 x UA-WPB-12 and 12 x UA-WBPV-12 wall panels for effective, elegant sound absorption and 2 x UA-BTVB corner bass traps to help control low frequencies in your room.
NOTE: Samples of Ultimate Acoustics studio foam products have been commercially tested, meeting the criteria for a Class B rating. Color fading may occur with UV exposure over time. Sunlight and direct light from standard bulbs should be avoided. Color fading not covered by warranty.

Ultimate Acoustics UA-KIT-SB3

• Part Name: UA-KIT-SB3
• 12 x 12"x12"x2" bevel panels
• 12 x 12"x12"x2" bevel panels with vinyl layer
• 2 x Bass Trap with vinyl layer
• Type: Kit
• QTY: 26 total pieces
• Design Style: Bevel
• Color: Charcoal
• Adhesive squares included

Ultimate Acoustics UA-KIT-SB3

Ultimate Acoustics UA-KIT-SB3


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