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Toontrack Indie Folk EZX

Indie folk. The wayward son of rock, the black sheep of folk and the flagman of lo-fi. Always in the forefront, blazing trails through uncharted territory, far left from the dense mainstream. Questioning, innovating, constantly one step ahead of the establishment while still rooted in unmistakable tradition. These are drums for indie folk, for music where no given set of rules apply.

The Indie Folk EZX was recorded at the Avast! Recording Co. in Seattle, home to bands such as Fleet Foxes, The Shins and Band Of Horses. It comes with three complete vintage kits: a 1960s Gretsch Round Badge sampled with both sticks and mallets, a Ludwig from the 1950s as well as a Slingerland Rolling Bomber kit dating back to the 1940s. Also included are two tambourines, a hi-hat mounted tambourine jingle, an extra kick and snare as well as a 28" floor tom. Organic, warm, intimate or ambient – the Indie Folk EZX gives you handpicked drums with an incredible range, sampled in painstaking detail, Toontrack style.

Toontrack Indie Folk EZX

System requirements
• Windows XP, PIII/Athlon 1,8GHz
• Mac OS X 10.5, G5 1GHz

• 2 GB free disc space, 512 MB RAM, DVD drive. A working EZdrummer version 1.3 or a Superior Drummer 2.3 (or above) installation.

• Three (3) complete kits
• Two EZXs in one! Each kit come in two variations: a standard multi-mic mix and a classic four-mic mix
• Custom drums from the 1940s to the 1960s
• Default kit sampled with both drumsticks and mallets
• Recorded at Avast! Recording Co. in Seattle, WA
• Included MIDI performed by sampling drummer Stephen Belans

Kit 1
1961 Gretsch Round Badge

Kick: 14 x 22?. Head: Powerstroke 3, Ambassador Bass
Snare: 5 x 14?. Head: Vintage A Coated, Ambassador Clear
Racktom: 9 x 12?. Head: Ambassador Coated, Ambassador Clear
Floortom: 16 x 16?. Head: Ambassador Coated, Ambassador Clear

Recorded with both sticks and mallets

Kit 2
1940s Slingerland Rolling Bomber with calfskin heads

Kick: 14 x 28?
Snare: 6.5 x 14?
Rack: 9 x 13?
Floor: 12 x 14?

Kit 3
1950s Ludwig

Kick: 14 x 20?. Head: Powerstroke 3 Bass, Aquarian
Snare: 5.5 x 14?. Head: Coated Ambassador, Ambassador snare
Racktom: 9 x 13?. Head: Coated Ambassador x 2
Floortom: 16 x 16?. Head: Coated Ambassador x 2

Cymbals left:
1960s Zildjian A 19?
Zildjian K Constantinople 18? (sticks and mallets)

Cymbals right:
1960s Zildjian A 16?
1960s Zildjian A 14? (sticks and mallets)

Ride cymbals:
1960s Zildjian A 22?
Zildjian K Light 24? (sticks and mallets)

Zildjian New Beat 15? with mounted tambourine jingle
Zildjian K Light 16? (sticks and mallets)

Kick: 22? Gretsch Round Badge 1958 without front head. Head: Coated Powerstroke 3
Snare: 7 x 14? Slingerland Artist. Head: Coated Powerstroke 3, Evans 300 Hazy
Tom: Ludwig 28? Floor Tom. Head: Ludwig original
Tambourine Toca
Tambourine KS

Toontrack Indie Folk EZX

Toontrack Indie Folk EZX


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