Tombo 1142 Ensemble Octave Bass

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Tombo 1142 Ensemble Octave Bass

That has prompted consists of diverse ensemble bass in melodic, fast playing. It is designed to meet it, stick to an array of sounds, hole spacing, bass harmonica.Body is a new specification of the rosewood. Is the profound tone octave lead sounds at the same time. Bottom C, top c#; Can play in a sense duplicate harmonica to play up and down repeatedly. Specifications: with a bass harmonica 30 holes 30 (60 led) sound tone, body: wooden body (rosewood), size: W235 x H58 x D57mm, weight: 1000 g, frequency: e-f1. Wood paste leather case with private

Tombo 1142 Ensemble Octave Bass

Tombo 1142 Ensemble Octave Bass


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