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TC Electronic Polytune Clip Black

PolyTune Clip is much more than just a clip-on tuner, it’s a revolution! Perfectly combining state of the art tuning technology with an unprecedented attention to aesthetics and functionality, PolyTune Clip gives a tune-up that’s unmatched in speed, precision and grace. Not only is PolyTune Clip the best PolyTune we’ve ever made – it’s the best tuner by any measure.

The Holy Tuning Trinity
PolyTune Clip is designed to be your trusty tuning companion, whether you’re going for a quick onstage tune-up or an ultra-precise setup of your instrument. PolyTune Clip sports three distinct tuning modes ranging from the gamechanging polyphonic tuning mode that lets you tune all 6 strings at once, to your trusty chromatic tuner and all the way to an ultra-precise strobe tuner mode, which offers ±0.02 cents of tuning precision. No matter what method you choose to use, the tuning trinity of PolyTune Clip will always guide you to pitch perfection.

Dressed To Impress
Developed with a luthier-like attention to detail, PolyTune Clip is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. With its carefully chosen high-quality components and stunning clean looks, PolyTune Clip is designed to complement you and your instrument, while containing the most advanced tuning technology to date. Through a massive engineering feat we managed to condense our proprietary PolyTune algorithm, shrink key components and increase battery life all while creating a tuner more powerful than any PolyTune released before it. The new tuning standard has just been defined and its name is PolyTune Clip!

In Tune With You
As musicians we are all different. We play different instruments in different styles on different stages around the world, which is why it’s a shame that all clip-on tuners are so set in their ways… until now! With its adaptive display, PolyTune Clip is designed to be in tune with you and your needs by automatically switching between polyphonic and chromatic tuning modes. By adjusting to however you want to use it; left handed, right handed, horizontally, vertically, electric, acoustic, guitar or bass; PolyTune Clip’s got your back!

TC Electronic Polytune Clip Black

• The world’s best clip-on tuner by any measure
• Polyphonic perfection, the best polyphonic tuner to date
• New strobe tuner with ±0.02 cent accuracy
• Ultra-bright and easy to read display
• Adaptive screen, ensures a perfect readout no matter where you place PolyTune Clip
• Elegant yet durable design
• High quality stainless steel clip
• Flat tunings and capo mode

TC Electronic Polytune Clip Black

Heb deze tuner gekocht om niet elke keer via mijn effecten rack te moeten gaan. Uit alle tests kwam deze als beste naar boven. Hij is ondanks zijn zeer compacte (en dus onopvallende) formaat duidelijk leesbaar. Hij is iets duurder dan de competitie, maar dat is hij meer dan waard. Qua tuners blijf ik bij TC Electronics.
Voldoet aan alle verwachting!!
Werkt perfect
bijzonder eenvoudig te gebruiken en accuraat toestelletje!

TC Electronic Polytune Clip Black


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