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TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2

MASH reacts to the amount of pressure you put on the switch. The harder you press, the more intense the effect.

For each reverb type, MASH will control a different parameter, letting you express yourself without having to bend down and turn knobs and without a dedicated expression pedal.

For example, you could use MASH to conjure up liquid swells of reverb while keeping both your hands on the guitar, or using the Mod setting you can MASH the amount of chorus on the reverb tail.
In the TonePrint Editor, you can assign MASH to control any parameter.

New Algorithm - Shimmer
Go tone hunting in the ethereal realm with the new Shimmer reverb algorithm which lends a mercurial touch to your playing by adding an octave pitch shift to your signal.

This was the most sought after feature among the original Hall Of Fame users so we wanted something that would live up to your wishes.

We used the state-of-the-art polyphonic octave algorithm from our own Sub 'N' Up Octaver to achieve the most hauntingly immaculate shimmering texture.
Using MASH, you can push the effect into self-oscillation intuitively by shifting your weight on the pedal.

Flexibility Is Key
The Hall Of Fame 2 provides 8 different studio quality reverb presets for a wide range of tonal possibilities right out of the box but more are available through the TonePrint Editor.

The pedal also features 2 extra TonePrint slots to give you even more possibilities for using your own custom reverbs or the signature TonePrints by our family of iconic artists.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2

Ik zocht al even naar een handige en sappige reverb pedaal. Door toeval ben ik op deze gekomen en ik was onmiddellijk verknocht!

De mogelijkheden zijn eindeloos, je kan gaan van een zeer lichte reverb om je solo's een beetje bij te spijzen tot een shimmerverb waarbij je de psychedelic kant op gaat...
EN daarnaast heb je nog de mogelijkheden om drie zelf (of door een van je favoriete artiesten) ontworpen reverb in je pedaal te steken.

Wel dat is simpelweg geweldig!

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2


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