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Tascam DR-10SG

The DR-10SG is a mini recorder that weighs only 100 grams. It has an integrated shotgun microphone than can be placed on any camera with a hotshoe and will help beginners in particular to add sound to their DSLR video recordings. The recorder creates mono recordings in WAV/BWF format with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz at a resolution of 16 or 24 bits and offers automatic or manual level adjustment, a limiter, low-pass filter and EQ presets for different scenarios. It is also capable of dual recordings, with the second recording at a reduced level to protect against overloads and hence distortion.

A slate signal function and the ability to forward the sound signal to the camera simplify synchronisation during post-editing of the video material. The DR-10SG has a USB port for data exchange and is powered by a single AAA battery. A noise isolation arm and a wind shield for the microphone are included.

Main Features
• Cost-effective audio recorder with shotgun microphone for DSLR cameras
• High-quality mono sound recording with easy setup
• Directly attachable to the camera with standard-size shoe mount
• Compact, lightweight chassis (only 110 g with battery)
• Shotgun microphone features super-cardioid directional pattern for clear direct sound even in noisy environments
• Auto or manual gain control
• Switchable limiter to prevent clipping
• Switchable low-cut filter conveniently reduces low-frequency noise
• EQ presets for different scenes of use
• Dual recording function allows two files to be recorded simultaneously at different levels to provide a safety track in case of distortion
• Output connector to allow recording the audio also on the camera for later synchronization
• Slate tone generator to simplify synchronization of video files when editing
• Three LEDs for level monitoring
• Headphones connector for input monitoring and playback
• Name for recorded files can be set
• Floating structure to avoid operation noise
• USB 2.0 port for high-speed file transfer to computers
• Operates on one AAA battery (Alkaline, NiMH, Lithium) or USB bus power
• Recording medium: Micro SD/SDHC card
• Recording format: WAV (BWF), 44.1/48 kHz, 16/24 bit
• Included accessories:
- Isolation arm to reduce lens operation noise
- Windscreen to reduce noise in outdoor applications

Tascam DR-10SG

Recording media: MicroSD card (64 MB-2 GB), MicroSDHC card (4-32 GB)
Recording/playback formats: 44.1/48kHz, 16/24-bit, Mono/Poly WAV (BWF format)

Input and output
Microphone input: Built-in shotgun mic
Directional pattern: Supercardioid
Input gain: 0–50 dB (in 1-dB increments)
Camera connector: 3.5-mm stereo mini jack, (dual mono audio output; an attenuator cable can be connected to reduce the output level)
USB port: Micro-B connector
Format: USB 2.0 HIGH SPEED mass storage class

Audio performance
Frequency response: 50 Hz – 20 kHz
S/N ratio: 78 dB (+30 dB gain, A-weighting)

Power supply and other specifications
Power supply: 1 AAA cell (alkaline battey, NiMH rechargeable or lithium battery), USB bus power from a computer
Power consumption : 0.75 W (maximum)
Current consumption (via USB bus power): 0.15 A (maximum)
Approximate battery operation time in hours:minutes (continuous operation): Conditions: Recording, headphones not connected, limiter off, dual recording off, file type: mono, file format: WAV, 48 kHz, 24 bit, recording time according to JEITA
Alkaline battery (Evolta): 8:30
Ni-MH rechargeable (Eneloop): 7:30
Lithium battery (Energizer Ultimate Lithium): 15:00
Date and time data retention: Secondary lithium battery (built-in)
Dimensions (w × h × d, excluding protrusions): 53 mm × 168 mm × 70 mm
Weight: 110 g (including batteries), 98 g (excluding batteries)
Operating temperature range: 0–40 °C

Tascam DR-10SG

Tascam DR-10SG


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