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Tanglewood T3

The Tanglewood T3 is a 30 watt acoustic amplifier with true digital reference effects and has inputs and outputs for every professional application. Tanglewood Guitars were formed in England in the latter part of the 20th century charged with an ambition to create a portfolio of instruments that would offer exceptional value through design features, both traditional & contemporary usually found on instruments at much higher prices. Tanglewood is as recognised for its Rebel Basses, or Cove Creek Banjo’s as it is for 6 string guitars, it’s real strength, and expertise is in the Acoustic instrument market.

Tanglewood T3

Model: T3
Power Output (RMS): 30w
Speaker/Impedance: 6" woofer/tweeter
Impedance Input:
- CH1: 470KO
- CH2: MIC-600KO
Built-in Effects: Hall, Plate, Chorus, Delay
Input Jack (6.35mm): CH 1 Input, CH 2 Input, AUX IN (RCA), MP3 IN (3.5mm), TUNER OUT, LINE OUT, DI OUT (XLR), PHONES OUT
Indicator: Power LED, Indicator for CH1/CH2 Overdrive
Power Supply: AC 100v/50-60Hz, 110v/60Hz, 220v/50Hz, 230v/50Hz, 240v/50Hz
Net Weight: 7.8kg
Gross Weight: 8.8kg
Dimensions: 305 x 240 x 305mm
Packing Size: 382 x 322 x 375mm
Accessories: Owner’s Manual, Power Cord

Tanglewood T3

Tanglewood T3


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