Tama S.L.P.-series Fat Spruce LSP30CS-TWS

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Tama S.L.P.-series Fat Spruce LSP30CS-TWS

The Fat Spruce kit features luxurious 100% Spruce shells, which is rarely used as a material on complete drum sets. Its unique sound is fat and resonant with solid mids and a natural pure tone. Furthermore, by utilizing die-cast hoops, it provides a very clear, focused attack. It also has a very wide tuning range, making it suitable for a number of music styles. The drums sound great tuned up high for jazz, but also perform well at low to medium tension, optimal for R&B, Blues, Indie Rock and Ballads.

These new S.L.P. series drum kits are based on the concept the S.L.P. snare drum series, which have become very popular worldwide for their wide range of features and sound characteristics. Like the snares, each kit model has its own original sound and distinct features such as hoops, lugs and tom brackets, that were carefully selected to achieve the full potential of its shell material.

Drum Shell Kit
Bassdrum 20" x 14"
Tom 12" x 8"
Floortom 14" x 14"

MTH900BM single tomholder, mounted on bassdrum.

NOTE: stands, cymbal and snare are not included in the price, but are available separately.

Tama S.L.P.-series Fat Spruce LSP30CS-TWS

Tama S.L.P.-series Fat Spruce LSP30CS-TWS

Tama S.L.P.-series Fat Spruce LSP30CS-TWS


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