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Tama IP50H6-BK

The Tama Imperialstar IP50H6H is a high-end performance drum kit. Tama serves nothing but total quality within it's Imperialstar series kits. They are regarded as becoming the more increasingly popular and convienient kits for beginner/intermediates. In recent decades, the Tama Imperialstar still continues to serve as one of Tama's highly popular and sought for drum kits. Tama Imperialstar kits offer a distinct tone and provide 100% clarity with each hit.

Tama IP50H6-BK

Shell Hardware: Chrome
Colour: Black
Size Tom 2: 12 "x 9"
Size Tom 1: 10 "x 8"
Pre-muffled bass drum head
Size Floor Tom 1: 14 "x 14"
Of wood plies Snare Drum: 6
Of wood plies Bass Drum: 6
Size Snare: 14 "x 5"
Of wood plies Toms: 6
Size Bass Drum: 20 "x 18"
Shell Thickness Snare Drum (mm): 7.5
Shell thickness Bass Drum (mm): 7.5
Shell thickness Toms (mm): 7.5

Tama IP50H6-BK

Tama IP50H6-BK


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