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Tama HT130 Drum Throne

Plant yourself on a Tama HT130 drum throne and get the rock-solid connection to your kit that you demand. Tama knows what every seasoned drummer knows: the throne you sit upon has a huge impact on how well you play. So why throw your money away on a cheaply built budget throne when you can pick up a Tama HT130 for a song? Plushly padded and remarkably sturdy, the HT130 keeps you steady as your play. It's fully adjustable too, easily accommodating most drummers between 4-1/2' to 6-1/2' tall. And when it's time to pack up and go, your Tama HT130 drum throne collapses easily for transportation.

Tama HT130 Drum Throne

• 13" Diameter, 90mm (3 1/2") Thick Round Seat
• Double Braced Legs
• Adjustable height range: 445mm - 620mm (17 1/2" - 24 7/16")

Tama HT130 Drum Throne

Tama HT130 Drum Throne


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