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Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra Twin Pedal

Over the years, one of the greatest challenges facing drum pedal manufacturers has been to provide a pedal that "does it all". Or at the very least, focuses on the most critical features that drummers absolutely demand to enhance their performance. A difficult task, by any means. By today's standards the two most important features desired are speed and power. With most pedals, if you adjust the playability to address speed, you can sometimes lose power. And if you focus primarily on the feeling of power, you sometimes lose the desired speed. Now, the rules have changed. TAMA has a new pedal that delivers not only pure raw aggression and power, but lightning fast speed!

Speed Cobra's overwhelmingly fast action is a result of several newly developed mechanisms such as the FASTBALL Bearing and LiteSprocket. Plus, the new Projector Beater gives your bass drum sound increased projection and richer resonance. The recessed footboard angle, combined with the newly developed Super Spring, allows you to play incredible dynamics and fluid speed without experiencing muscle strain. Speed Cobra's smooth and stable action is based on the Iron Cobra's prominent heritage and allows you to play every possible delicate nuance to create your own personal playing style.

Speed Cobra's extreme velocity and serious power feels like nothing you've ever played before.

Included accessories:

  • Case

Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra Twin Pedal

Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra Twin Pedal

Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra Twin Pedal


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