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T-Rex TT Soft Bag Minor

The TT Soft Bag Minor from T-Rex ToneTrunk Soft Cases are perfect for players on the go. They feature two accessory pockets (Minor only one) for cables, strings, accessories, sheet music, etc., and a detachable shoulder strap for easy transport, whether you're traveling by bus, train, car, or foot.

4 Different Sizes
Each ToneTrunk Soft Bag includes one of our pedal boards, made from lightweight, durable aluminum. Our new boards feature a multi-tiered design - the most logical way to mount multiple rows of pedals on a board. No more reaching for a pedal in the back row and accidentally stomping the knobs on the pedal in front. Now you have easy access to every pedal on your board without the need for additional risers.

ToneTrunk pedal boards feature routing holes for patch cables and power cables, keeping the surface of your board neat and tidy. Each board includes hook-and-loop fastener for mounting your pedals. T-Rex don't pre-mount the fastener to the board, so you get complete control over how and where you apply it.

T-Rex TT Soft Bag Minor

• Board & Bag: 1,7 kg/58,55 oz
• Board: 1 kg / 35,27 oz - 158 x 560mm / 6.22 x 22.04in

T-Rex TT Soft Bag Minor

T-Rex TT Soft Bag Minor


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