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T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior

More than 5 pedals? No problem! With included cables, each one of the 5 outputs can connect up to 5 pedals handling virtually any 9-Volt effects pedal – and then some! The Fuel Tank Jr features 5 isolated outputs that can each be connected to 5 pedals via included daisy chain cables giving you the ability to power a plethora of pedals with clean and quiet power. Don’t let the compact size of this unit fool you – Fuel Tank Junior is a real powerhouse! Fuel Tank Junior comes with 5 standard pedal cables.

An optional link cable powers 5 separate units (total maximum of 120mA) off a single output. A special serial cable (voltage doubler) – also optional – lets you combine 2 outputs into 1, so you can even power your classic 18-Volt pedal alongside your 9-Volt units. Link cable and Voltage Doubler not included.

T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior

T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior


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