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Synq SDI-1 Stereo DI box

• This stereo DI-box is the perfect problem-solver for many applications!
-Converts unbalanced audio signals to balanced so they can be transported over long symmetric cables with maximal protection against interferences of all kinds.
-Humming noises coming from laptops, PCs and many others can be easily solved: the ground lift switches separate the in/outputs to avoid any ground loops.

• No active components inside: no noisy op-amps and no empty batteries when you need them …
• Separate ground lift switches for both channels
• Very high grade audio transformers for excellent audio characteristics:
-Very low distortion:
-Supports very high audio levels
-Excellent CMRR: >80dB @ 60Hz
-Excellent freq. response: 20Hz – 20kHz (+/-0.5dB)

• Versatile connections:
-Inputs: RCA + COMBO (Jack/XLR) on both channels
-Outputs: XLR-male on both channels

• Rugged black anodized ALU housing

Synq SDI-1 Stereo DI box

min. frequency (Hz) 20
max. frequency (Hz) 20000
max. output channels 2
input 3 pin XLR, rca, jack
output 3 pin XLR

Synq SDI-1 Stereo DI box

Synq SDI-1 Stereo DI box


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