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Studiomaster GX 12M

Studiomaster presents the GX 12M. The GX series feature loudspeakers and stage monitors. The strong trapezoidal shaped wooden cabinets are black carpet covered to give a stylish, durable finish while keeping weight to a minimum. All full range cabinets contain a 35mm speaker pole socket for stand mounting and all models have tough slotted handles making transportation easy

The passive cabinets have a pair of industry standard 4 pole speaker connectors for reliable operation and the flexibility to connect to additional cabinets. The active range (denoted by the 'A' suffix in the model name) use a reliable on board bipolar amplifier matched to the custom designed loudspeaker components producing high quality sound at all volume levels. The comprehensive pre-amplifier section caters for just about any application:

Input one is microphone level with its own gain control and a choice of xlr or jack socket connectors. Input two is for line level equipment (MP3/CD/keyboard, external mixer etc) with balanced XLR & RCA phono connectors and a level control. A line output facility has a level control and balanced XLR & jack connectors. This is ideal for linking to additional active cabinets or connecting to a recording device. The three band EQ comprises HI, MID and LO controls.

Finally the master level control lets you set the volume of the GX with a PEAK led showing when signals are getting too hot! An unusual feature of the active GX range is the ability to power an extra passive GX cabinet. This doubles the flexibility of the system letting you scale your PA to the venue size or adding additional speakers as and when funds are available increasing overall power. So, for example, your PA could start with just a pair of GX15A active cabinets. When you start playing bigger gigs buy a pair of GX15 passive cabinets and power them from the GX15As.

Studiomaster GX 12M

Format: 12" Monitor
Power Handling: 200W (continuous), 800W (peak)
Nominal Impedance: 8ohm
Profile: 30 degree wedge
Frequency Response: 60Hz – 18kHz
Maximum SPL: 97dB
Crossover Frequency: 4kHz
LF Driver: 12" Cast chassis
HF Driver: Piezo
Coverage: 90 x 60 degree
Connection (parallel wired): 2 x 4pole industry standard sockets
Dimensions WxHxD: 400 x 530 x 370 mm
Weight Net/Shipping: 16kg / 17.5kg

Studiomaster GX 12M

Studiomaster GX 12M


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