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Stagg STB-10 UB

Transporting musical instruments to lessons, rehearsals or gigs can be a bit of a task. If you play bass, at least your instrument is relatively portable (unlike drummers…) However, getting from one place to another with your instrument in perfect condition is still something of a challenge. Nobody wants to see his or her pride and joy get scuffed, scratched or worse, so a good gig bag is pretty essential.

The Stagg STB-10UB Economy Electric Bass gig bag is a great choice at an affordable price. The outer material is super-tough black nylon, designed to resist abrasion and wear, and providing a degree of protection from the elements. This has 10mm of foam padding, to keep your bass safe from the occasional knock, scuff or bang. Twin zips allow for easy access to your guitar when needed, and two generously sized pockets provide storage space for essential accessories such as cables, picks or music.

Twin shoulder straps are provided, making it possible to carry your bass whilst keeping hands free. For other situations, however, a thick, comfortable side carry handle is provided. The Stagg STB-10UB Electric Bass gig bag is a great, affordable way to protect your guitar from dings and other eventualities whilst transporting or storing your bass.

• Soft carry case for electric bass guitar
• Tough, abrasion resistant outer shell
• 10mm Padding
• Shoulder straps and large, comfortable side carry handles
• Two accessory pockets

Stagg STB-10 UB

Model: STB-10UB
Instrument: Electric Bass
Material: Nylon Cover With 10mm Padding
Pockets: 2
Carry Handles: Side, Top and Shoulder Straps
Colour: Black/Charcoal

Stagg STB-10 UB


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