Stagg SPM-235 BK

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Stagg SPM-235 BK

High resolution, isolating earphones which feature 4 individual drivers. Because the SPM-435 uses four drivers, all with their own frequency bandwidth, it minimalises the chances of clipping. The result being a well balanced output over it's entire frequency spectrum. Two of the drivers are dynamic, these deliver the bass and low-midrange response. The two balanced, armature drivers put out an exact high-midrange and high frequency signal.

Stagg SPM-235 BK

• Bandwidth: 10 Hz - 40 kHz

• Sensitivity: 108 db/mW
- Impedance: 30 ohms

• Plug: 1/8"" mini-jack

• Cable Length1,2 m
• Weight: 20 g

• Includes: EVA case, 3 pairs of foam ear pieces, 2 pairs of rubber ear pieces

• Color: Black

Stagg SPM-235 BK

Stagg SPM-235 BK


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