Stagg F-RR21B ride cymbal
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Stagg F-RR21B

"21"" BRILLIANT ROCK RIDE Designed with rock and metal in mind. The Stagg Furia 21'' Rock Ride Cymbal produces a warm sound with a long sustain. The Stagg Furia Rock cymbals are hand-hammered and feature a distinctive two-toned surface. This is created using a pinpoint lathing process on the outer edge of the cymbal – adding richness and character to the cymbal’s tone.

The Stagg Furia Rock Ride is a perfect addition to any beginner or intermediate drum kit with a rock or metal focus. And, with a B20 bronze design, the Furia Rock Crash is extremely durable and reliable."

Stagg F-RR21B

Stagg F-RR21B


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