Stagg C430 M Natural classical guitar
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Expected 9/22/2021 ?

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Stagg C430 M Natural

Stagg has a worldwide reputation for producing high quality guitars to suit both beginners and professionals you can be sure that the C430 M Natural classical guitar model is a well made intrument ideal for children aged 8-10+. The guitar is made from quality wood (linden top, back and sides) so it produces a good sound unlike many other small sized classical guitars which will making playing and learning more rewarding. The C430 M is carefully contructed with internal ribs to produce a beautiful sound that exceptional for the price of the instrument. The fingerboard and bridge are made from artificial rosewood yet looks and feels like hardwood. The machine heads are standard classical type in nickel finish with plastic buttons. The guitar is topped off with an attractive rosette around the sound hole.

Stagg C430 M Natural

Top: Linden
Back and sides: Linden
Fingerboard and bridge: Composite walnut
Machine heads: Classical, nickel
Finish: Matt

Stagg C430 M Natural


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