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Sonuus I2M Musicport

The i2M musicport is the new way to connect your musical instruments to your computer. It combines a high-impedance audio interface that won’t suck the tone from your instrument, with very fast, low-latency, monophonic MIDI conversion that doesn’t require special pickups to be mounted onto your instrument. Designed particularly for guitar and bass, it works with most musical instruments including the human voice. Now you can record great-sounding tracks and play synthesizers and samplers how you have always wanted to: by using your favorite instrument. Using class-compliant USB drivers built into your computer’s operating system, and with no special instrument set up required, the i2M musicport™ offers a true plug-and-play experience for all musicians.

Ultra-Fast Monophonic MIDI Conversion
Although latency is unavoidable when converting musical pitch into MIDI messages, the unique technology used in the i2M musicport™ reduces this to a minimum. Not only is the MIDI conversion extremely fast, but accurate and robust. In fact, the pitch-bend detection of the i2M musicport™ is more accurate than many popular guitar tuners! Fine nuances of your playing are captured by the i2M musicport™: note velocity is determined from how hard you play; and subtle vibrato and bends are converted to ultra-accurate pitch-bend messages with virtually no latency. Everything from the emotional subtlety of a ‘cello solo to the most extreme use of a guitar’s whammy bar are tracked flawlessly.

Hi-Z USB Audio Interface
The i2M musicport™ features a very high-impedance (Hi-Z) audio input circuit. This means it won’t degrade the tone of your musical instruments, unlike typical “line” inputs — often a problem with electric guitars and dynamic microphones. The input pre-amp also has adjustable gain to accommodate a wide variety of musical instruments. High quality 16-bit, 44·1kHz (CD quality), and 48kHz (DVD quality) digital audio can be recorded into your favorite audio application, or used live, for example through amp-simulators with great-sounding results.

Pocket-Sized / Gigantic Possibilities
Fashioned as an in-line ¼" jack-to-USB adapter, and about the size of a car key-fob, the i2M musicport™ has an ultra-compact design that can easily fit into your pocket. But this tiny box will redefine your musical possibilities. An invaluable composition tool, the i2M musicport™ will let you access new sounds with ease, enable you to create TAB and scores, provide you with new inspiration and let you have more fun than you thought possible.

Desktop Editor Software
The i2M musicport™ features a very flexible and powerful MIDI converter architecture with 6 zones enabling MIDI to be sent on up to 6 MIDI channels simultaneously, with each zone being independently configurable. You can customize each of the operating modes for your particular requirements and exchange these settings with other i2M musicport™ users. Four presets can be stored on the i2M musicport™ so you can switch between these without requiring the Desktop Editor Software. This software is available for Microsoft Windows, and OSX (10·5 and above).

Sonuus I2M Musicport

Power: USB bus powered
Instrument: Guitar | 4-String Bass | 5-String Bass | VoiceWind
Size: 75mm× 28mm× 28mm | 40g
Presets: 4 (can be switched via button)
Input: 6·35mm (¼") mono jack | 10MO impedance
MIDI Zones: 6 independent zones (splits)
Computer: Standard Type B USB socket MIDI Chan 1–16 (on any zone)
Drivers: Class-compliant (built into operating system)
Pitch bend: <1cent accuracy
Gain: -12dB cut; to +15dB boost in 3dB steps
Pitch range: 0–36 semitones (on any zone)
Audio: 16-bit | 44·1kHz (CD Quality) | 48kHz (DVD Quality)
Transpose: -36 to +36 semitones (on any zone)
MIDI latency: 5ms (E5), 17ms (E2), 32ms (E1), 40ms (B0)
Hold Pedal: Any MIDI channel, any MIDI controller
Computer: (Audio/MIDI) Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7+. Apple OSX 10.3.9+
Computer: (Desktop Editor) Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7+. Apple OSX 10.5+ (Intel Mac only)

Sonuus I2M Musicport

Sonuus I2M Musicport


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