Sontronics XLR-USB Cable USB audio interface
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Expected 9/29/2020 ?

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Sontronics XLR-USB Cable

The new Sontronics XLR-USB is a premium-quality 3-metre female XLR to USB-A cable which allows you to plug the Sontronics PODCAST PRO, or any dynamic microphone, directly into a computer, laptop or any compatible iOS device*.

Boasting extremely low latency and excellent-quality analogue-to-digital conversion, the Sontronics XLR-USB is ideal for anyone who wants to record, stream or podcast at home, in the studio or on the go.

With full-speed USB2.0 plug and play operation, 44.1/48kHz sampling rates and built-in noise reduction, the Sontronics XLR-USB is a must-have accessory for recording, broadcast, podcasting, streaming or video conferencing.

*You may need a USB-to-USB-C connector for more recent Apple laptops or a USB-to-lightning ‘camera kit’ adaptor for iOS devices.

Sontronics XLR-USB Cable

USB 2.0
recording 44,1 / 48 kHz

Sontronics XLR-USB Cable

Sontronics XLR-USB Cable


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