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Sonor SCH50 Felt Headed Mallet

The Sonor SCH50 felt mallet is a great all-around mallet with a hard felt head and plastic shaft. The SCH50 can be used for soprano en tenor-alto xylophones. The SCH50 is also ideal for cymbal swells.

Sonor SCH50 Felt Headed Mallet

Item name: Felt Headed Mallet
Mallet usage: Soprano and tenor-alto xylophones
Mallet hardness: Hard
Mallet head: Felt head
Mallet shaft: Plastic
Series: SONOR Mallets
Item description: SCH 50
Mallet length: 28 cm
Head diameter: 32 mm
Shaft diameter: 8.4 mm
Weight: 25 gram
Unit: 1 pair

Sonor SCH50 Felt Headed Mallet


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