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Sonor SCH40 Wooden Headed Mallet

The Sonor SCH40 Wooden Mallets have a wooden head that allows it to be used on both glockenspiels as well as xylophones. These mallets have wooden shafts which offer durability while still being able to fit the demands of any performer.

Sonor SCH40 Wooden Headed Mallet

Item name: Wooden Headed Mallet
Mallet usage: For glockenspiels
Mallet hardness hard: Hard
Mallet head: Wooden head
Mallet shaft: Wood
Series SONOR Mallets
Item description: SCH 40
Mallet length: 18.5 cm
Head diameter: 18 mm
Shaft diameter: 4.8 mm
Weight: 5 gram
Unit: 1 pair

Sonor SCH40 Wooden Headed Mallet


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