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Sonor NG 10

The Sonor NG 10 has removable bars and is designed to be stored and moved easily. The NG 10 Soprano Diatonic Glockenspiel features 13 radiant red, steel bars each with a corresponding pitch tuned from on the C major scale from C3 to F4 including F-sharp and one B-flat that can be interchanged with F and B on the keyboard. The NG 10 comes with a pair of SCH 40 mallets and the resonator box is made from sturdy beech wood. This is a great tool to use on the elementary music level.

Sonor NG 10

• 13 Steel Keys
• Tuned: C3 - F4 Diatonically
• Beech Wood Resonator Box
• Comes with One Pair of SCH 40 Mallets

Sonor NG 10

Sonor NG 10


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