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Sonor MBS4000

The Sonor MBS4000 Series Mini Boom Cymbal Stand is a strong, professional quality stand with some great features. It features a gearless cymbal tilter so you can set your cymbal at any possible angle. The retractable arm can be used as a straight cymbal stand, or angled out as a boom arm. The 2-segment cymbal clamp securely holds your height adjustments so you never have to worry about your stand slipping down. The double braced legs and rubber feet guarantee a sturdy foundation to withstand even the strongest crashes. A quick-release cymbal topper takes out the annoying little frustration of traditional cymbal wingnuts.

Sonor MBS4000

• Gearless Tilter
• Retractable Boom Arm
• 2-Segment Tube Clamp
• Double-Braced Legs
• Quick-Release Cymbal Topper

Sonor MBS4000


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