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Sonor GP

Sonor GP Soprano Glockenspiel. C3 to F-sharp 4 tonal range, C-major scale with F-sharp 3, B-flat 3 and F-sharp 4, standard tuning, 14x silver steel bars (20 x 2mm), beechwood resonator, includes 1 pair of SCH 40 mallets.

Sonor GP

Length unit: 28,2 cm
Item name: Soprano Glockenspiel
Depth 01 unit: 10,4 cm
Height unit: 3,2 cm
Type: Soprano
Sound bar color: Silver
Sound bar material: Steel
Resonator box: Made of beech wood and beech plywood
Series: Primary
Tuning: Sstandard tuning
Scale: C major scale
Item description: GP
Tones: c3, d3, e3, f3, f-sharp3, g3, a3, b-flat3, b3, c4, d4, e4, f4, f-sharp4
Accessories: 1 pair Wooden Headed Mallet, SCH 40
Lowest note: c3
Highest note: f-sharp4
Number of notes: 14
Item no.: 27841001
Sound bars: Steel, silver, 20 mm x 2 mm
Sound bar width: 20 mm
Sound bars thickness: 2 mm
Unit: 1 piece

Sonor GP

Sonor GP


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