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SM Pro Audio Tranz-T Transmitter

Wish you could use active monitors in your surround system, but the wiring is just too messy? Does your band’s singer have visions of a flying stage, but cables are keeping her grounded? Tired of running a giant snake to the front of house console, when all you really need is to send a direct line from the bass rig?

Get unwired with the TRANZ-T / TRANZ-R stereo wireless DI system, and untangle your cable problems once and for all.

On stage:
Connect your instrument or MP3 player to one TRANZ T and send the signal to multiple TRANZ Rs', e.g. to the FOH mixer and record it simultaneously on a computer.

In the studio:
Connect your computer or master mixer in your control room to one TRANZ T and send a stereo AUX signal into the studio to one TRANZ R. Cable free headphone mixes for your singer, etc.!

SM Pro Audio Tranz-T Transmitter

• 2.4GHz Operation
• 2-Channel Automatic Frequency Hopping
• Up to 30 Meter Operating Range*
• L/R Balanced XLR Inputs (TRANZ T)
• L/R Unbalanced RCA Inputs (TRANZ T)
• L/R Balanced XLR Outputs (TRANZ R)
• L/R Unbalanced RCA Outputs (TRANZ R)
• Continuously Variable Input Control
• Peak / Power / System Check LED Indictors
• Operates on 9V Battery (TRANZ R) or +12V External Power (optional)
• Channel Select Switch
• Power On/Off Switch
• Multiple TRANZ Receivers can be hooked up to one TRANZ T!

SM Pro Audio Tranz-T Transmitter

SM Pro Audio Tranz-T Transmitter


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