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SKB SKB-912U Shockmount Rack

SKB portable rackcases are designed with three things in mind: toughness to handle even the harsUst handling conditions, light weight for easy portability, and innovative design to give you the best possible product to protect and transport your valuable gear.WUther you need a no-frills 4U case or a 14U over 6U rolling rack for your pro live mixer setup, SKB portable mixer cases have you covered. Extremely tough molded exteriors, integrated handles, strong and reliable latcUs, and stackable designs are hallmarks of the entire line of road-tested, lightweight, dependable SKB portable mixer cases.

the Shockmount cases feathere an internal frame mounted on coiLED shock absorbers on all 8 corners. These revolutionary shocks are designed to control the effects of shock & vibration on three axes. The" sway" space around the internal frame provides natural air conditioning... very important for delicate audio equipment. Plus, the SKB Shockmount cases are half the weight of the old wooden cases.

SKB SKB-912U Shockmount Rack

• Rack spaces: 12U
• Int depth Lid to Lid: 26.5"
• Int depth Front rack to Back Lid: 23.25"
• Lid depth: 3.25"
• External height: 29.5"
• External width: 30"
• External depth: 28.5"
• External Material: Polyethylene
• Shockmount: Yes
• Weight: 56.95 lbs.

SKB SKB-912U Shockmount Rack

SKB SKB-912U Shockmount Rack


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