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SKB 1SKB19-R1006 Roto Mini GigRig

The 1SKB19-R1006 Roto Mini GigRig is the little brother of the Roto GigRig. The Mini GigRig shares the same 10U angled rack space on the top for mixers but with 6U of vertical rack space. The Roto Mini GigRig is ideal for table top mixing or for medium sized PA systems that do not require as much outboard rack gear. The 1SKB19-R1006V Roto Mini GigRig includes a completely adjustable pop-up hook and loop fastener board on top to accommodate a wide variety of smaller mixers and or accessories.

• Top is (10U) angled rackmount rails + 6" in rear for cables
• (6U) rackmount space below
• Improved locking covers
• Rock solid yet very light construction

SKB 1SKB19-R1006 Roto Mini GigRig

Exterior Depth: 22.63 in / 57.47 cm
Exterior Width: 24.50 in / 62.23 cm
Exterior Height: 20.75 in / 52.71 cm
Carton Length: 23.50 in / 59.69 cm
Carton Width: 22.50 in / 57.15 cm
Carton Depth: 24.70 in / 62.74 cm
Rack Space Units Total: 16 / 16
Rack Space Units Top: 10 / 10
Rack Space Units Bottom: 6 / 6
Rack Depth Rail to Rail: 17.00 in /43.18 cm
Rack Depth Front Rail to Back Lid: 0.00 in / 0.00 cm
Shipping Weight: 41.80 lb / 18.96 kg
Product Weight: 33.20 lb / 15.06 kg

SKB 1SKB19-R1006 Roto Mini GigRig

SKB 1SKB19-R1006 Roto Mini GigRig


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