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Shure PGA56

The perfect introduction to Shure engineering excellence, PG ALTA Microphones set a new standard in accessible gear, delivering professional-caliber sound while easily withstanding the demands of everyday rehearsal, performance and recording.

The PGA56 Cardioid Dynamic Snare/Tom Microphone is a professional quality microphone with highly durable design and construction that delivers excellent sound. Featuring a swivel joint with a quick release latch for fast and flexible positioning, the PGA56 is ideal for close-mic snare drum, tom and percussion applications.

• Flat-response microphone cartridge design for clear reproduction of sound source
• Swivel joint with quick release latch with a design similar to bicycle component-locking technology for extremely quick and easy positioning.
• Cardioid polar pattern picks up audio from the source while rejecting unwanted noise
• Updated industrial design with black metallic finish and grille for unobtrusive visual presence
• Drum mount included for quick attachment to drum rims, no additional mic stand required
• Comes with XLR-to-XLR cable (4.6 m)
• Zipper pouch included for additional protection during storage or transport
• Legendary Shure quality design and construction for exceptional performance in rigorous environments

Included accessories:

  • Storage Case
  • Microphone Clip
  • Cable

Shure PGA56

• Type: Dynamic (moving coil)
• Frequency Response: 50 to 15,000 Hz
• Polar Pattern: Cardioid
• Output Impedance: 200 O
• Sensitivity at 1 kHz, open circuit voltage: -57 dBV/Pa (1.45 mV) (1 Pa=94 dB SPL)
• Polarity: Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3
• Weight: 287 g
• Connector: Three-pin professional audio (XLR), male
• Operating Temperature: -29 to 74 °C
• Operating Humidity:0 to 95%

Shure PGA56


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