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Shure Motiv MV88+ Video Kit

The MV88 + video set is your mobile professional recording installation. In the packaging: Manfrotto PIXI tripod, telephone clip and mic clip with connection shoe, USB-C and lightning cables, so that it is ready for audio and / or video recordings. With the free ShurePlus MOTIV audio and video apps you can control the recording and store and share your material in multiple file types.

• Complete with leading Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod, telephone clamp and connection shoe, USB-C and lightning cables
• With rollable neoprene case, to keep all your accessories together
• Built-in headphone output for real-time monitors
• Immaculate audio for various configurations (included phone stand is also compatible with your existing set-up and fits on any tripod with connector)
• Full metal construction
• Detailed stereo recording, five DSP preset modes
• Shure MOTIV audio app for recording at a professional level
• Shure MOTIV video for on-screen operation

* Charging the phone is possible while the microphone is in use (USB-A cable and Apple USB3 camera adapter required) - only for iOS users.

Shure Motiv MV88+ Video Kit

• Weight: 79 g
• Height x width x depth: 27.0 × 27.0 × 77.0 mm
• Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz, adjustable
• Sound Pressure: 120 dB SPL (At Minimum Gain, Flat Mode)
• Transducer Type: Capacitor
• Characteristic: Bidirectional, Cardioid
• Switchable low cut: None
• Connectors: LTG, USB
• Damper: None
• Interchangeable Capsule: None
• Main Functionality: Recording
• Headphone Output: Yes
• Microphone housing: Metal
• DSP Modes / Presets: Flat, Loud, Acoustic, Singing, Speech

Shure Motiv MV88+ Video Kit

Shure Motiv MV88+ Video Kit


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